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Ace this test and you'll be admitted into our 13-week Growth Marketing school.

Graduates are guaranteed a job in tech at $50k/year minimum.
Growth Marketer Qualities

Are you both left and right brained?

Are you the rare individual who is both creative and analytical?

Never know what answers to pick between on a personality assessment?


If the description above fits you, congratulations! This is the percent of the population you represent.

Take our aptitude test to see how well you'd do in this profession.

Why join our program?

Expected salary after 4-6 years of growth marketing experience at a top tech company.
Amount of school or work experience needed to enroll in this program.
Percentage of ourlast cohort's graduates who successfully found employment.
Learn about tech's hot new role

What is a Growth Marketer?

Think about popular products or services like Netflix, DoorDash, Dropbox, or your favorite app.

If you’re like most people, you use them without thinking too much about what goes on under the hood.
But they weren't always so popular. As seen above, Dropbox only had a handful of users in 2008 (image credit: Sumo).

How did those popular services get traction?

How do they determine the price of what they're selling?

Hell, how do they know what notifications to send people and when?

This is where Growth Marketers come in.
They're are experts at growing companies by acquiring, retaining, and engaging users.

They do this through a mix of disciplines such as marketing, programming, data analysis, sales, among others.

Basically a Growth Marketer is like a regular marketer, but on steroids.
A Growth Marketer knows how to...
Run Instagram ads (or TikTok, Snapchat, etc.) ads to acquire customers at a profitable cost.
Optimize the social media feed for an app in order to maximize user engagement.
Test different coupon codes over email to maximize profit for an e-commerce campaign
Determine what makes users stick around by writing SQL queries to parse a database.
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Growth Marketing School

How It Works

Our Growth School is a full-time program that lasts 13 weeks.

It gives you the foundational knowledge, real-world projects, and resume experience that you'll need to work as a growth marketer immediately afterwards.

Unlike college, we're cost-efficient and 100% outcome based--we only succeed if you are successfully employed as a growth marketer.

The program is broken up into two parts, with a gateway exam in between.


We'll teach you everything you need to know to think like a Growth Marketer and use the language of growth, tech, and business.

The tools that people use will change over time, but the fundamentals you learn will never change.
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Case Studies & Apprenticeships

First, you'll tackle real-world case studies provided by our Case Study Partners, showcasing the actual challenges Growth Marketers face.

Next, you'll participate in an apprenticeship, collaborating with a company to solve a live challenge.

Your achievements during the apprenticeship can be highlighted on your resume for future employers.
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In six weeks, we cover Meta ads comprehensively through theory as well as running live campaigns with real companies.

By the end, you'll achieve results comparable to experienced performance marketers.

What You'll Learn

Here are some of the topics that we'll cover.
Technology: OpenAI API & ChatGPT
Ads: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Google, Snapchat, Reddit
Analytics: Mixpanel, Hotjar, Google Analytics, Cluvio
Content & E-Commerce: WordPress, Shopify, Unbounce, Mailchimp
Foundational Topics
Behavior: Consumer Psychology, Econ 101
Data Insights: Growth Metrics, Statistics, Funnel Theory
Content: Copywriting, Ad Design, Landing Pages, Content Marketing
Conversion: A/B Testing, Conversion Rate Optimization
Technical Skills
HTML / CSS / Javascript
SQL / PostgreSQL
Advanced Spreadsheets
Google Optimize, Google Tag Manager
Server Architecture, REST APIs

Outcome Oriented Pricing

One of our pillars is that we only succeed when you succeed. To align with this principle, you'll only pay tuition if — and only if — our school leads to gainful employment.

Our cost structure is as follows:

$1,875 + 10% of your salary for the next 2 years if you obtain a job paying at least $50k/year.

If you are unable to find employment with a salary of $50k+ per year after graduation*, we'll reimburse you $1,875 and you'll owe us nothing.

To date, 100% of our graduates have found full-time employment. You can read some of their stories here.
*Terms apply to ensure good faith, but we're very reasonable about this. Inquire for more details.

Upcoming Class

Length: 13 weeks
When: 9/18/2023 → 12/15/2023
How much: $1,875 deposit
(See full pricing above)
Where: Online (Zoom & Slack)
How to Apply: Admission is based almost solely on our unique aptitude test, which gauges y raw talent as a growth marketer.

No experience is required.
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Program Instructor

Dick Talens, Growth Instructor
Dick has been working with Facebook ads since their inception in 2008, making him one of the industry's most experienced professionals in this field.

He's profitably run over $20m in ads in the last 6 years alone, resulting in elite returns.

Dick has done growth for dozens of companies, including:

Founder @ Fitocracy → One of the most popular fitness apps in the world. Acquired 2016.

Growth @ Gabi → Seed to Series A. Recently acquired for $320M.

Growth @ NuTrail → Shopify store launch to every Costco in the US.

Register for Our Growth Aptitude Test

Click the button below to visit our testing platform where you can register and take our Growth Aptitude Test. Some things to note:
  • You do not need ANY pre-existing knowledge to excel on the test.
  • The test is divided into 3 sections and takes about 40 minutes total to complete. Each section is timed, but you may pause after each one.
  • You will need at least 10 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete the first section.
  • After registering, there is a practice test that you can take to get a feel for our platform.

Sample Test Question

Here's an example of a question you might see on our test.
Write the funniest caption that you can for the image above, using the following rules:
  • Use a maximum of 14 words.
  • Start the first 3 words with the letters "W," "A," and "C" (in order).
  • End the sentence with the word "anymore."
Take Our Growth Aptitude Test

Stories From Our Graduates

Casey Torres, Growth Marketing Graduate
Casey Torres
Digital Campaign Manager
@ Audacy, Inc.

Former local news editor. Experienced professional video editor. Novice programmer. Growth Marketer.

Learn more
Helena Wu, Growth Marketing Graduate
Helena Wu
Growth Marketing Manager
@ Teal

Growth Marketer. Former data analyst at Coinbase. Intensely motivated to solve problems and attack roadblocks.

Learn more
For extra inquisitive minds...

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this part time?

Our 13-week growth school is a full-time program. We do have a part-time bootcamp option available several times a year.

How much experience is needed? What if I already have some in (some field)?

Rather than experience, we place more emphasis on upside, commitment, and drive. Your previous experience may be indicative of commitment and drive, however, and may be helpful but not required.

How much can I expect to make after graduating?

We guarantee you'll be employed with a salary of at least $50k, otherwise you owe us nothing. Our graduates have been employed at $70k/year on average.
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