Casey's Story

Casey Torres, Growth Marketing Graduate
Casey is a Mint Academy graduate and former local news editor.

When he decided he wanted a career change, he took a leap and joined our full-time 16-week school. He's now gainfully employed in tech as a Digital Campaign Manager for Audacity. 🙌

Read on to hear Casey's story.
What was life like before Mint Academy?
I was on my daily three-hour commute one day (stuck in traffic AGAIN), when it hit me...I'd been at my company for 10 years. I really needed a change of scenery.

The problem was that professionally, all I'd ever known at that point was news and media. I studied it in college, then worked as a local news editor. I wasn't about to get another job in local news.

I'm sure other people can relate...knowing that you want to do something different, but the status quo is all you've ever known. It's scary.

As luck would have it, I stumbled upon Mint Academy and took their growth marketing aptitude was actually pretty fun! They soon contacted me and told me I was one of the top scorers, so I signed up.
What was Mint Academy like?
Oh was a lot of work. Haha...I think I reset the instructors' expectations on what they'd need to teach incoming students. For example, the lesson on growth metrics was taught through spreadsheets. I was stuck on the spreadsheets part. The last time I used Excel was over a decade ago.

So I had to do a lot of things from the very ground up, and there were times I wanted to quit. It was like things were just thrown at me...Javascript, Python, SQL...

Then at some point, everything just slowed down and all of the concepts clicked. Not only did I catch up on technology, but (according to the instructors) I probably know more than 99% of growth marketers.

I got to do some cool things like program a Chrome extension, run Facebook ads, use Python to scrape websites for data, and lots more stuff I'd never dreamed I would be able to do.
What was like after?
Fast forward to now, I landed a dream position as a Digital Campaign Manager at Audacity, and I couldn't be more excited to embark on my new career in growth.

Thanks to Mint Academy's rigorous curriculum, working with most tech tools now feels like a breeze. It's like my marketing and tech skills have been leveled up tenfold, and I know that I can master any technology by just applying the same techniques that I learned during the bootcamp.

I honestly can't recommend Mint Academy enough. They've truly taken my expertise to the next level and opened doors I never thought possible.