Cover Your Costs

Tuition Reimbursement

Many companies have reimbursement programs for continuing education. We provide several ways to help you get reimbursed.
Employer Sponsored Tuition

We'll Help You Get Reimbursed

We have several ways to help you get reimbursed for taking one of our bootcamps.

Mint Invoices

You'll receive an invoice from Mint Academy after you've signed up for one of our bootcamps.

You can then forward this to your company for reimbursement.

Bootcamp Certificate

After completing the bootcamp, you'll receive a certificate that highlights your newfound skills.

The certificate links to a website with your information, along with a summary of what you are able to do.

Discovery Calls

If your manager wants to learn more, we're more than happy to schedule a call.

We'll learn your company's objectives are, give more information on the bootcamp, and assess if it's is a good fit.

Just shoot us an email at if you're interested.