Our Unique Process

Our admissions process is built around a singular goal: identify your supoerpowers.
Unlike other schools that test existing knowledge or rely on outdated (and likely biased) IQ-style tests, we do things differently.
Our "growth superpowers" test more closely replicates problem-solving in the real world. It gauges your potential without requiring any pre-existing knowledge or experience.
Full-Time Growth School

Growth Superpowers Test

We gauge your potential by utilizing our “growth marketing superpowers” test, which requires no pre-existing knowledge or experience.

Word Cleverness & Creativity

Are you someone who’s always thought they’d be good at comedic improv or would be a champ at image caption contests?

Pattern Recognition

Are you someone who can find patterns in numbers and data to solve problems?

Consumer Intuition

Do you often think about why people or systems behave in a certain way, like why people are attracted to long lines?