Helena's Story

Helena Wu, Growth Marketing Graduate
Helena received her masters in Health Informatics but decided to pursue a career in growth marketing, where she could utilize both her creative and analytical mind.

She graduated from Mint Academy and is now a growth marketer at Teal.

Read below to learn more about Helena's experience.
What was life like before Mint Academy?
Before Mint Academy, my life was stuck in a job that didn't excite me. I felt like I wasn't gaining any valuable skills that I could apply elsewhere. The salary was low, and to be honest, I was pretty unhappy—I felt like I had no options.

I was considering switching career paths, but it seemed daunting to break into a new field without taking a step back or accepting a pay cut.
What was Mint Academy like?
Mint Academy was an incredible experience. The small class size meant we received personalized attention, and Dick, our instructor, had a fantastic teaching style.

He covered everything comprehensively, starting from the basics and building up from there. I loved that the curriculum was well-rounded, delving into both the nitty-gritty of paid ads and the technical skills that make you stand out.

Sure, it required hard work, but the hands-on project experience made it all worthwhile
What was like after?
Now, I have a remote job that pays better than my previous one, and it's with a promising startup. Thanks to Mint Academy, I feel supported and have a larger network to rely on.

Even as a Mint Academy graduate, I continue to receive guidance in my new growth role, which gives me the confidence to forge ahead in the next chapter of my career!