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Mint's Programs

Student → Employed in a Matter of Weeks

Our programs are designed to give you the classroom and hands-on experience to start a new career in just 13-16 weeks.

Live Classes

Learn from experts who have taken companies from nil to millions of users and revenue.

Apprenticeship Projects

Build your resume by working with real companies on real growth projects.

Technical Wizardry

Develop technical chops that put you in the 99th percentile of all candidates.
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What is a Growth Marketer?

A role vital to any company

Every company needs one, but good luck finding them.
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What They Do

Every company faces growing pains (no pun intended).

Apps don’t download themselves. Subscriptions eventually end. Prospective customers get distracted.

That’s where Growth Marketers come in. They’re experts at growing companies through acquiring, retaining, and engaging customers.

How They Are Different

Unlike your garden variety “marketer,” they won’t just launch Facebook ads – they’ll also A/B signup pages, optimize new user drip emails, then write SQL to analyze performance.

Where regular marketers like copywriters or media buyers own a small piece of the funnel, Growth Marketers are “fullstack” marketers.

Why They Are Rare

They’re hard to find for a few reasons.

The first is that the necessary skills are so disparate (e.g. copywriting vs. coding) that they only get picked up from different roles. This takes time.

The bigger reason is that it requires a person who’s equally creative and analytical. If this sounds like you, you might make a good Growth Marketer.
Available Classes

Learning that fits you

Whether you're starting a new career or looking to upskill, we've got you covered.

Growth Bootcamp

Our most popular plan for entrepreneurs and folks looking to upskill.*
This includes...
Evening classes
1-2 classes per week
15 hours per week courseload
Intended for folks with...
some marketing experience
social media experience
a growth mindset & lots of hustle who are ready for a fast-tracked career ☨

Growth School

A comprehensive program with extensive hands-on practice to gain real-world work experience.
This includes...
Evening classes
3-5 classes per week
40-60 hours per week courseload
Intended for folks with...
zero marketing experience
zero relevant work experience
full-time availability to handle the rigorous 40-60 hour weekly workload
Your Key to Adaptability: A Strong Foundation + Copious Practice

A comprehensive curriculum

Learn everything from core theory to the latest and greatest tech. Understand what's going on under the hood so you can quickly adapt to new tech. Master the latest platforms so you're ready to hit the ground running on Day 1.
Practical Experience


Get hands-on experience. Work on real-world projects for clients using the latest tools and platforms.
Technology: OpenAI API & ChatGPT
Ads: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Google, Snapchat, Reddit
Analytics: Mixpanel, Hotjar, Google Analytics, Cluvio
Content & E-Commerce: WordPress, Shopify, Unbounce, Mailchimp
Foundational Knowledge


Build a strong foundation. Learn fundamental principles in order to understand, predict, and analyze consumer behavior.
Consumer Psychology
Growth Metrics
Funnel Theory
Media Buying / Auction Theory
Content / Copywriting
Landing Page Design
Conversion Rate Optimization
Marketing Statistics
Technical Understanding


Gain a unique advantage. Learn modern internet tech, allowing you to implement code and use any tool or platform, both now and in the future.
HTML / CSS / Javascript
SQL / PostgreSQL
Advanced Excel
Server Architecture
Google Optimize
Instructors with experience!

Meet our team

Learn from instructors who have started, advised, scaled, and sold companies from the ground up.
Alesin Tygrys Tipler
Co-founder & Tech Lecturer
Biomedical researcher turned coder & product manager. Lead dev teams at Silverberry Genomix & Ruby.
Dick Talens
Co-founder & Head Lecturer
Former co-founder of Fitocracy. Led growth at Gabi, NuTrail, & Stilt.
Michael Listovetsky
Advisor & Growth Expert
Co-founder of JUICE & former co-founder of Skylight (acquired by Common).
Troy Osinoff
Advisor & Growth Expert
Co-founder of JUICE. Former head of acquisition at BuzzFeed and founder of Make a Dare.
Eric Siu
Advisor & Growth Expert
Founder of Single Grain. Podcaster & author of the bestseller "Leveling Up."