The Beauty of Ugly Ads: A Revolutionary Look at Digital Marketing

Dick Talens
12 May
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Companies running paid media ads often find that their ugly, low-fi ads outperform their professional hi-fi ones. Why? The answer describes digital marketing in a nutshell.

The words “digital marketing” are used so often that people don’t stop to think about the meaning beyond marketing + Internet.

In this video, you'll learn:

  • What is Digital Marketing (Good explanation for beginners.)
  • “Why do ugly ads work better?” → and a whole new way of looking at digital marketing (Good for anyone.)

Guest Speaker: Dick Talens

  • Wharton Undergrad '09
  • Founder @ Fitocracy → One of the most popular fitness apps in the world. Acquired 2016.
  • Growth @ Gabi → Seed to Series A. Recently acquired for $320M.
  • Growth @ NuTrail → Shopify store launch to every Costco in the US.
  • Growth @ Stilt → Seed to $225M debt facility.

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Dick Talens
Co-founder & Head Lecturer
Mint Academy