Beyond Copy: Unleashing ChatGPT's FULL Potential for Marketers

Dick Talens
12 May
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Marketers everywhere are excited by the prospect of using AI tools like ChatGPT. Unfortunately, it’s for the wrong reasons.

The obvious marketing “use case” of ChatGPT is copywriting. But will that really give you an advantage, when all other marketers are doing it?

There’s a better way to use ChatGPT to become a unicorn marketer, but it has to do with code, not copy.

In this video, you'll learn:

  • ChatGPT basics and using it for copywriting or ads (where most marketers stop)
  • Using ChatGPT to become a technical growth marketer (practically) overnight by using it as your personal programmer

Guest Speaker: Dick Talens

  • Wharton Undergrad '09
  • Founder @ Fitocracy → One of the most popular fitness apps in the world. Acquired 2016.
  • Growth @ Gabi → Seed to Series A. Recently acquired for $320M.
  • Growth @ NuTrail → Shopify store launch to every Costco in the US.
  • Growth @ Stilt → Seed to $225M debt facility.

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Dick Talens
Co-founder & Head Lecturer
Mint Academy