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The Hottest (New) Role in Tech

About Growth Marketers
& This Bootcamp

Growth Marketing is one of the hottest new roles in tech, where starting salaries are $60k+ and $100k+ within a few years.

Growth marketers are responsible for growing a business by both acquiring new customers (whether through SEO, running ads, creating referral programs, etc.) and keeping those customers engaged/retained.

They’re incredibly empowered and can single-handedly skyrocket a company’s success.
A Taste of Growth Marketing

What You'll Learn

Through this free one-week bootcamp you will...
Learn the fundamentals of growth marketing across everything from creating/running ads to writing simple code.
See what it’s like to be a growth marketer.
Get a taste of our full-time growth marketing school and discover whether it’s a good fit for you.
Foundational Knowledge


While this bootcamp is abridged, we'll still cover a wide range of topics to get your feet wet.
Marketing Fundamentals
Consumer Psychology
Growth Metrics
Funnel Theory
Growth Hacking
Technology Tools for Growth Marketers
Coding for Growth Marketers
A Typical Week: Lectures, Labs, & Homework

Bootcamp Schedule

The mini-bootcamp requires 6 hours of lecture, 3 hours of hands-on "lab," and 1-2 hours of homework for about ~10 hours total.



Abridged Marketing 101 and Digital Marketing Fundamentals



Intro to Growth Hacking: Tech & Code for Marketers



Intro to Paid Media Ads: Facebook & TikTok

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How Long: 1 week
When: May 15 → May 19
Where: Remotely via Zoom & Slack
How much: FREE!
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Who's Behind the Bootcamp

Instructors & Mentors

There's an old saying: "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach."

You won't find that from any instructors at Mint! Our instructors and mentors have started, scaled, and sold several notable companies.
Alesin Tygrys Tipler
Co-founder & Tech Lecturer
Biomedical researcher turned coder & product manager. Lead dev teams at Silverberry Genomix & Ruby.
Dick Talens
Co-founder & Head Lecturer
Former co-founder of Fitocracy. Led growth at Gabi, NuTrail, & Stilt.
Michael Listovetsky
Advisor & Growth Expert
Co-founder of JUICE & former co-founder of Skylight (acquired by Common).
Troy Osinoff
Advisor & Growth Expert
Co-founder of JUICE. Former head of acquisition at BuzzFeed and founder of Make a Dare.
Eric Siu
Advisor & Growth Expert
Founder of Single Grain. Podcaster & author of the bestseller "Leveling Up."