Tuition For Available Mint Academy Programs

Our Guarantee:

We only succeed when you succeed.
If you're unable to find employment as a Growth Marketer after taking any of our courses, you are eligible for a full tuition refund.

PART-TIME Growth Marketing Bootcamp (15-20 hours/week)

Part-time enrollees often have a day job that's relevant to social media or marketing and want to change careers to Growth Marketing.

We have several tuition options, all backed by a money-back guarantee on achieving employment after graduation.

Payment Options

Upfront Payment

$4700 upfront payment (or in two installments)

Monthly Installments

$290/month (18 months) or $410/month (12 months)

Tuition Deferment

Pay $1000 down and then pay $4500 (in installments) after you graduate the class and are employed.

FULL-TIME School (40-60 hours/week)

Our full-time option is for those seeking employment as a Growth Marketer after graduation.

It costs nothing upfront except for a $1000 downpayment to reserve your spot.

Instead, we use an Income Share Agreement (ISA) which takes a percentage of your future salary, so long as you make above $60,000 per year.

This aligns our incentives; we make money if––and only if––you get employed as a Growth Marketer because of this course.

Our Fee Rundown for Full-time Students

What When it Applies Total Cost
Income Share Agreement – A percentage of salary owed after finding employment. You are employed as a growth marketer at a minimum of $60k/year. 15% over 2 Years
Course Deposit – This is credited towards your ISA at program completion. You are accepted into our Mint’s growth marketing cohort. $1000

Employer Training and Upskilling

We also offer our bootcamp for employers who wish to upskill their current talent into true Growth Marketers.

You can read more about our employee training program here.