The GAMER Method

We give students the foundations of a Growth Marketer by teaching 5 main pillars of Growth Marketing: Growth, Analytics, Marketing (Organic/Brand), Engagement/Retention, Revenue--or GAMER for short.


User and Customer Acquisition

Learn from growth experts who have taken companies from nil to millions of users and revenue.

Statistics, Python, SQL, Scraping/APIs, Bots, and More

You'll learn the quantitative and technical skills needed to turn data into insights, as well as "growth hacking" skills to move 10x faster than most marketers. We'll cover Python, SQL, Advanced Excel/Spreadsheets, Scraping/APIs, and various measurement platforms like Mixpanel and Amplitude.
Marketing (Brand, Organic, PR)

Traditional and "Free" Forms of Marketing

We'll cover topics that most people traditionally think of when they hear the word "marketing," such as Brand and PR. We'll also look at more modern forms as well, such as organic social media and community.

Turn Your Signups into Long Term Users

Learn to keep users active and engaged on your platform. You'll learn how to turn a download/signup into an active user by looking at user patterns and short-term metrics like Activation Conversion, D1, D7, and M1 retention. You'll also learn how to analyze and optimize long term retention through incorporating your SQL skills into running Cohort Analyses. Lastly, you'll learn to keep users engaged through testing various sources, such as Email, Push Notifications, and Text.

Monetize Your New and Existing Users

You'll learn how to meticulously analyze and debug e-commerce funnels (e.g. pricing optimization or minimizing cart abandonment rates) to achieve profitability, monetize existing users, and model customer LTVs.


The Gist

Our courses give you all the necessary skills you need to become an elite Growth Marketer. Here are just a few of the many exciting things you’ll be able to do by the end:

  • Launch paid ads across channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Google, and get $2 for every $1 spent.
  • Write SQL queries to figure analyze user dropoff from an app, then create push notifications to get them to return.
  • Utilize Python to crawl a site (that probably wasn’t meant to be crawled) to grab pivotal information like emails.
  • Create landing pages and sales copy that make users excited to purchase a product that hasn’t even launched yet.

If this sounds more like wizardry than marketing, you’re not far off. Compared to your average “Media Buyer,” a true Growth Marketer is more like the result of Don Draper and Harry Potter having a baby.

Why Mint Academy to learn Growth Marketing?

The easy answer is that it's the only real Growth Marketing education available. Really. We looked.

Most employers know they need a Growth Marketer, but they don't know how to define (let alone assess) those skills.

Likewise, most marketers start off with focusing on one or two skills––such as copywriting, media buying, or A/B testing. They may acquire more, but this takes a long period of time.

We know this, because thats how we started our own marketing careers.

Mint's curriculums were designed by a team with several decades of experience in Growth Marketing. It was specifically built to condense the entire foundation needed to become a Growth Marketer in 12-16 weeks.