Our Unique Process

Our admissions process is built around a singular goal: Mint the world’s most elite growth marketers.

Other bootcamps (e.g. coding) filter admissions by testing existing knowledge or tests like the CCAT, which simply test for how quickly you can solve IQ-test style questions.

We don't think these are particularly effective at gauging your potential. At least not when it comes to growth marketing.

Admissions Growth Test

We gauge your potential by utilizing our “growth marketing superpowers” test, which requires no pre-existing knowledge or experience.

Word Cleverness & Creativity

Are you someone who’s always thought they’d be good at comedic improv or would be a champ at image caption contests?

Pattern Recognition

Are you someone who can find patterns in numbers and data to solve problems?

Consumer Intuition

Do you often think about why people or systems behave in a certain way, like why people are attracted to long lines?

We operate in Cohorts

Cohorts are extremely selective and offers a spot in our cohort to the top performers, regardless of age, demographic, or previous experience.

If you think you’d perform well in at least two of the three categories above, you might have growth marketing superpowers.

Join our 9/12/2022 to 12/12/2022 cohort!

Register & Take the Growth Test

*** For now, our employers are US based only. If you are unable to work in the US, we suggest that you apply anyway and if you are a top test taker, we might be able to create partnerships with companies where you are eligible for employment ***